Trellis is an independent game studio with a focus on creating multiplayer experiences. Our ethos is rooted in our experience as players, and a love for good games that cultivate memorable social interaction.


A Digital Garden.

Trellis was built on a shared desire to preserve the design principles behind our favourite games of the last decade - rich, multiplayer experiences that foster social interaction between friends and strangers alike. In an increasingly anti-social landscape, we’re driven by a passion to create worlds that are best experienced together, and delightful to inhabit.


The World Of Yule Is Vast, Dynamic, And Rife With Discovery.

Dubbed Yule, our launch title is a reimagination of the multiplayer genre. Rediscover a universe teeming with adventure that expands and evolves with each passing season. The world of Yule is designed with social interaction as it’s focal point - experience it with both friends and strangers alike, but rarely if ever alone.